Hach Creacher =P

Hey there,

yesterday we make like an internal event on SCP:SL-Server #03 – basically we played hide and seek… 7 Scientists hide in the facillity and 3 SCP106 needed to find us withing 15 minutes) x) For this event, I also changed the password to “orangensaft”, so everyone could fool around on our teamspeak, Like why the heck not? x)
Well… Then a wild Creacher appeared, she heard the new password for the event-server and was like “huh? Isn’t it “erdbeersauce” anymore? It would taste so good… q.q” – I only shouted “CREEEEEAAACHHHHHHEEEEERRRRRR, why the heck do you tell anyone the remote-password >.< It was even used on our website <.<” – This is the story, why I needed to change the password…

Sorry team x)

Cheers ~

P.S.: We still lov ya Creacher =P ♥ (Srsly… This will be written on your tomb xP)

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