TS3 permissions got fixed

Heya folks!

Today a user named “Pudi” of our server pointed out a critical security gap in TeamSpeak3’s permission-system, thanks alot for that! This “mistake” meant, that certain groups / ranks could be removed by guests and registered users. This should now be fixed. If you find any errors, please write me on Steam / TS3 / Telegram or by mail.

PS: Check out his wishlist… Maybe you can make him a pleasure with one of the items shown…^^

Thanks again,

SCP-SL – Update – Nicknames…

[ENG] Hello,

If you can’t connect to our server, you should check your username. I added some names/domains to the blacklist last night. Let’s say your name is “Username | >xyz.com<” or something similar, you should delete the highlighted text in this “><“. It also prohibits all names that could be used/seen offensively. If you have done so, you are welcome to play on our servers again at any time. If you see someone using such a name, please feel free to contact an admin/mod or write me a mail.

DeLynx ~

[GER] Moin,

Wenn Du keine Verbindung zu unserem Servern herstellen kannst, solltest Du deinen Benutzernamen ueberpruefen, da ich gestern Abend einige Namen/Domains auf die Blackist gesetzt habe. Einmal angenommen, dein Name ist “Username | >xyz.com<” oder aehnlich, dann solltest Du den markierten Text innerhalb der “><” loeschen. Das schließt alle Namen ein, die als offensiv betrachtet werden koennten. Wenn Du dies getan hast, kannst Du jederzeit wieder auf unseren Servern spielen. Wenn Du jemanden siehst, der einen solchen Namen verwendet, kontaktier bitte einen Admin/Mod oder schreib mir eine Mail.

DeLynx ~

Feedback about the design of this site ~

Hello, folks!

I would be very interested to know how you find the website so far and how you like the design. Please write me in detail in the comments why you have this opinion, and especially – What I can do better.

I would be mainly interested in the following:
– How do you like the design of the icons?
– What do you think about the design of this website in general?
– Is the navigation on this site easy?

i’m looking forward to get good feedback from you. =)